Welcome to Diaz Recruiting Solutions

Welcome to Diaz Recruiting Solutions

Welcome to Diaz Recruiting SolutionsWelcome to Diaz Recruiting SolutionsWelcome to Diaz Recruiting Solutions

Finding awesome candidates for awesome organizations. 

Our Experience

After 20 years of matching the right person for the right job, we decided to go assist others on this quest for awesome candidates.  Now, we share our passion for connecting great organizations with awesome people with the purpose of growing stronger. together.

Why Us?

Force multipliers are key to business —that’s why when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your vacancies,  we get fast results. We want to give each of you the best candidates to accelerate the growth of your business.


Our monthly newsletter provides current job trends, in-demand talent acquisition, recruitment and placement, and work environment latest. Additionally, we provide self-improvement tips for businesses and candidates.

Better Jobs for veterans


We work tirelessly to assist in securing employment for transitioning Active Duty, Veterans, First Responders, and their family members.

Veteran Owned & Veteran Friendley Businesses

If you are a Veteran owned or Veteran-Friendly business and would like to work with us please reach out.  We would love to connect more Veterans with great employers.

Display their FAQs

Q:  Would you help me with my resume?

A: Yes, make an appointment and we help you wirte a great resume.

Q:  Is placement for new job free?

A:  Yes, the candidate never pays a penny.

Q:  Do you assist finding jobs for spouses and family members?

A:  Yes, we provide the same level of assistance to family members and spouses.