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Our services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities to fill your vacancies and optimize your business operations. 

Our Mission  is to connect quality candidates with great organizations, to fill the vacancies of today so your tomorrow will be productive and prosperous.

Our vision is to connect as many talented candidates, prioritizing Veterans and people with disabilities, with top organizations in need of fantastic people.

Our policies are simple and transparent.  We guarantee quick placement of quality candidates for a lasting work journey.  

Our founder and president – Martha Diaz is a strong leader with a strong work ethic and a contagious personality, connecting people everywhere.  Martha is a retired United States Army Officer and disabled Veteran, an enthusiast golfer and photographer, a passionate advocate and volunteer to assist Veterans and disabled people.  She is laser focus to accomplish your mission! 

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Our process is designed to consult your organization in job description creation, developing new or existing positions, and find the best talent to match your needs. 

Our team is confident we can get you back to do what you best and let us find you the best candidate.

Talk to us today on how we can support your growth, limit your vacancy periods, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.


Our Partners

Diaz Medical Consulting and Supply  LLC is the headquarters company for Diaz Recruiting Solutions.